Motorcycle Enthusiast Social Networking at Its Finest

Are you a biker or motorcycle enthusiast in search of a social networking site just for you? Then goto this site and build a profile now: is a social networking site created in May 2010 (yes… May 2010) and it is freaking awesome. It is very very well laid out and uses cutting edge features which rival both Facebook & Myspace in terms of user interface. I expect it to dominate the motorcycle genre of social networking within months of its launch. It is a-m-a-z-i-n-g…

BTW… when you join add me as a friend!


About flhr

I'm just a simple guy, living a simple life. I drive/ride a Jeep Cherokee & a Harley Davidson Road King... and I look good doing it.
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One Response to Motorcycle Enthusiast Social Networking at Its Finest

  1. Just wanted to come by and thankyou again for the nice things you said about my site.. I Really couldn’t find a site I was really happy with so I decided to create my own.
    My goal isn’t to intice every man woman and child that has a bike sitting in the garage or collecting rust out back. It is to create a real Biker site for real Bikers where they are free to be be themselves and do what we do best.. Have a damn good time!
    Thanks again.. I hope I get a chance to get to know you and thank you again for being a part of BikersCredo and for all you do to protect our freedoms.. you have my utmost respect!
    Blake Marquette a.k.a. BadDog
    P.S. nice looking Blog.. I haven’t taken the time to find my way around wordpress yet but I will..

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